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Miscellaneous Scenery

Pilgrimage 2004


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Official Party Site Official Results Releases @
Troll's Party Report Polaris/Northern Dragon's Party Report Releases + more @ SketchCow
Collected Photos @ SketchCow Photos @ Northern Dragons Photos @ Tfinn/K-rad Productions

Pilgrimage 2004 (September 17-18, 2004) was by all accounts a successful scene event, one of only two real demoscene gatherings being held in North America on a regular basis (the other being the Chicago Expo, a c64 meeting but without the compos characteristic of a "standard party"). This was the second Pilgrimage, and compared with the first, one must conclude a recognizable growth in PC scene activity in North America judging by both the quantity and quality of releases there.

Shots from the winning demo, Les Fleurs/The Order of K

The winning demo was Les Fleurs by The Order of K. An interesting group name, in fact the demo credits show mostly the same line up as last year's winning demo, K-wak by K-rad Productions + The Dennis Courtney 5. Coded by Gonzo, with music by Basehead and design by Tfinn, Les Fleurs was the clear winner if audibel audience reaction were the evidence. Sadly, Les Fleurs still remains unreleased in a final form...

Additional shots from Les Fleurs/The Order of K

Runner up demo, Cubetro by Northern Dragons, was only 12k large but beat out all the larger demos (apart from Les Fleurs). Interestingly, ten of Northern Dragon's members were included in the credits for the demo - an end result ratio of barely over 1k per member! Placing 3rd was Exhibit A by BAOUM, a cover group for three sceners (including Phoenix/Hornet). Exhibit A was one of two demos released in the compo that were made using the Werkkzeug demo tool from Farbrausch.

Shots from 2nd placer Cubetro/ND and 3rd placer Exhibit A/BAOUM

Selected results (see the Official Results link above for complete info).


  1st (117 pts) "Les Fleurs" by The Order of K
  2nd ( 71 pts) "Cubetro" by Northern Dragons
  3rd ( 64 pts) "Exhibit A" by Baoum
  4th ( 28 pts) "One-Way Trip" by Ranxx
  5th ( 17 pts) "Wac-A-Demo" by Trailer Park Demos
  6th ( 11 pts) "io" by s_tec & thom
  7th (  4 pts) "TI-85 MegaDemo" by GL.Fusion
  8th (  2 pts) "Magic Guy" by Chia Pet
  N/A (  0 pts) {{DISQUALIFIED}} "W.D.H.B." by SARD


  1st ( 78 pts) "The ARTS" by CatBones & RaD Man / ACiD
  2nd ( 55 pts) "Pilgrimage" by Lord Jazz / ACiD
  3rd ( 40 pts) "DNA" by unit3 / Powersource
  4th ( 32 pts) "Beatbox" by Voom / Style
  5th ( 24 pts) "Wheres My Luggage" by BarZoule & Polaris / ND
  6th ( 22 pts) "The Wandering Chair" by Pat Groove / ND
  7th ( 11 pts) "Falling" by Inspired Chaos
  8th (  0 pts) "San Francisco" by Mark Stout
  N/A (  0 pts) {{DISQUALIFIED}} "Scud" by Zog


  1st ( 65 pts) "Siesta Fiesta" by Mr. Moses
  2nd ( 36 pts) "Sudden Percussion (High Explosives Mix)" by Lord Jazz / ACiD
  3rd ( 34 pts) "Julia (Embrace)" by Soul D / ND
  4th ( 27 pts) "Are You Being Served" by Sonic / ACiD
  5th ( 25 pts) "Drums on the Plains" by Acius
  " " ( 25 pts) "Journey of Ages" by cerror / ND
  7th ( 19 pts) "Zippingcream" by Superdrug
  8th ( 18 pts) "Number 1 Riled" by Akr0 & Tranxen / GL.Fusion
  9th ( 16 pts) "Subaru Style" by DSP / Style
 10th ( 14 pts) "Emo" by Mike No Worth / Polygony
 11th ( 12 pts) "BitchAzzBustahz" by Mochunk
  " " ( 12 pts) "Scratched, Raped and Mangled" by troll / nobody
 13th ( 11 pts) "Video Game Head" by Starscream
 14th (  2 pts) "Urination Nation" by Subliminal / pHluid


  1st (107 pts) "Chalziput" by Polygon Breasts / Remorse
  2nd ( 93 pts) "Orwell" by Haliphax / Remorse
  3rd ( 57 pts) "Egypt" by DiamonDie / ND
  4th ( 32 pts) "ACiD" by Sonic / ACiD
  5th ( 25 pts) "Magic" by Chia Pet


  1st (104 pts) "8088 Corruption" by Trixter / Hornet
  2nd ( 79 pts) "Evo Pilgrimmix" by Northern Dragons
  3rd ( 49 pts) "Elite" by TomF
  4th ( 25 pts) "Unknown" by Sonic / ACiD
  5th ( 20 pts) "GBA Slideshow" by Northern Dragons
  6th ( 19 pts) "Social Disease" by Lord Jazz / ACiD
  7th ( 14 pts) "Fortress of Solitude" by 2600 SLC
  8th (  9 pts) "Rock Your Tits Off" by Northern Dragons