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boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Release List: 2008 / 2007

 4/01: 2^8 / Style
 3/29: Stacker / Retro64
 3/17: Lilith / Style
 3/17: Happy Birthday Moloch / Secret
 2/29: DirMaster v2.0 / Style
 2/08: KrionyX Thawed / KrionyX
 1/31: Twist Of / Style
 1/24: Happy New Year 2008 / PSW
 1/12: Artillery Duel Network v1.0 / Schema
    -- [2007] --
12/31: Silver / Style
11/16: W.O.C. 2007 Invite / Necro

 3/19: GinVision invite / NDivia
 1/09: clockwerck / ND + xplsv
 1/09: SESSiON ONE / bawlz
    -- [2007] --
12/29: Blockparty 2008 Invite / TPD
 8/08: Psychedelia / Northern Dragons
 8/03: Step back / Northern Dragons
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Demos
  1st: trace-symbol / Northern Dragons
  2nd: 4kmdr / xplsv
  3rd: µkandy / Trailer Park Demos
  4th: ccc / mERICAN mORANS
  5th: Magic Blocks / Lumental
  6th: Blockparty 2k7 Partytro / GL.Fusion
  7th: My First Demo / Froggy
  8th: CHASSIS / Criticalartware
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Wild Demos
  1st: Ti-85 Megademo / GL.Fusion
  3rd: Zik Tape / Northern Dragons
  5th: GmDlsTool / xplsv
 3/19: Blockparty / Northern Dragons
 1/07: Signal to Droids / ND

- 2004 -

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Back In Time

Grand Posse
by Plague
A less-spread C64 megademo released on May 1, 1991. Contains a number of classic Amiga-inspired effects with a fresh graphics style.

download... | more...

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Back In Time:

Retro64 Update

Retro64 announced that Dr Video has joined them as a coder. Also, graphician Picasso is moved back to active status.

Retro64 homepage | Mar 30, 2005

Addixion now Driven BBS HQ

Addixion, a telnet accessable BBS running on genuine CBM hardware, has been improving steadily under sysop-ship of Dr. Video and features a mirror of the NTSC Scene Archive, including backissues of Driven. With its focus on NTSC/demos and the growing level of activity occuring there it is only logical that it now becomes the official BBS presence for Driven. Visit it for some oldskool flavor at, port 23.

Mar 20, 2005 v1.0/Epilogue

Epilogue returns to the c64 scene, at least in a sense, by releasing v1.0, a Windows tool for BMP to multicolor bitmap conversion. In fact, they are also working on a new c64 demo.

download... | Mar 03, 2005

Scene Rep #18

Issue #18 is online now, featuring Coder Tutorial #6 - Magnifying Lenses and Photo Manipulation Part 2 - Color and Lighting among other texts.

Scene Rep 18 | Feb 22, 2005

Tom's Hardware Covers the C64DTV

The popular site has a several page article with favorable impressions of the DTV. But they also dig into the easter eggs, publishing the egg-photo of the core DTV team (Jeri Ellsworth, Macbeth/PSW and dW/Style) and, in a move sure to please Dokken, including a screenshot from Entropy/Electron!

C64DTV review at Toms Hardware | Feb 19, 2005

8088 Corruption/Hornet in Awards

The winning wild demo from Pilgrimage 2004 by Trixter of Hornet earned a nomination in the Awards for 2004, which is a yearly "Oscars" equivalent for the demoscene in its third edition. This is the first time a North American demo has been nominated, and it appears in the category for Most Original Concept. nominees | Feb 16, 2005

Article - "Group Story: Trailer Park Demos"

In our first submission from the PC scene, read how Trailer Park Demos came together and how they produced Rivulet, their winning entry for TMDC 2004.

more... | Feb 14, 2005

WSoft Basic r2005/Gerpsnot

You may recall Gerpsnot (aka Wohnzimmersoft), former member of Venom, from his music work for that group... but did you know he was also a tool coder? He made a quick return this month to release a major update to his BASIC extender for the c64/c128 that he had started in 1992, and even indicated he may rejoin his old team in the upcoming future.

download... | Gerpsnot homepage | Feb 01, 2005

New Domain:

Driven Online was relaunched on January 1st, 2005. We also announce our new domain name is active. Please update your bookmarks, and if you run a site that linked to us under any of the old URLS, please update those links for our new domain name above. Thank you!

Jan 29, 2005

BMSplit v1.0/Style + Update

Style releases BMSplit v1.0, a PC console tool for splitting your c64 graphics binary format files (e.g. koala) into typical needed parts in DASM-compatible form or raw binary. They also announced that Six has joined the group.

Update: v1.0a has been released.

download... | Style homepage | Jan 26, 2005

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