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boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Release List: 2008 / 2007

 4/01: 2^8 / Style
 3/29: Stacker / Retro64
 3/17: Lilith / Style
 3/17: Happy Birthday Moloch / Secret
 2/29: DirMaster v2.0 / Style
 2/08: KrionyX Thawed / KrionyX
 1/31: Twist Of / Style
 1/24: Happy New Year 2008 / PSW
 1/12: Artillery Duel Network v1.0 / Schema
    -- [2007] --
12/31: Silver / Style
11/16: W.O.C. 2007 Invite / Necro

 3/19: GinVision invite / NDivia
 1/09: clockwerck / ND + xplsv
 1/09: SESSiON ONE / bawlz
    -- [2007] --
12/29: Blockparty 2008 Invite / TPD
 8/08: Psychedelia / Northern Dragons
 8/03: Step back / Northern Dragons
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Demos
  1st: trace-symbol / Northern Dragons
  2nd: 4kmdr / xplsv
  3rd: µkandy / Trailer Park Demos
  4th: ccc / mERICAN mORANS
  5th: Magic Blocks / Lumental
  6th: Blockparty 2k7 Partytro / GL.Fusion
  7th: My First Demo / Froggy
  8th: CHASSIS / Criticalartware
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Wild Demos
  1st: Ti-85 Megademo / GL.Fusion
  3rd: Zik Tape / Northern Dragons
  5th: GmDlsTool / xplsv
 3/19: Blockparty / Northern Dragons
 1/07: Signal to Droids / ND

- 2004 -

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Back In Time

Grand Posse
by Plague
A less-spread C64 megademo released on May 1, 1991. Contains a number of classic Amiga-inspired effects with a fresh graphics style.

download... | more...

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Back In Time:

D30 Article: 'PSXJoy: 21st Century CBM Gaming Interface'

Our first article reprint from the recently released issue #30 covers the PSXJoy project, an attempt to interface modern Playstation game controllers with the 'retro' c64! This article is authored by top hardware hacker, Jim Brain.

more... | May 09, 2005

Crazed 2/Retro64

Retro64 releases their latest demo called Crazed 2 which is particularly notable for containing the debut work from two new sceners, Dr. Video and Wildstar, who both recently joined the group!

download... | Apr 30, 2005

Driven #30

After a rather long delay... the thirtieth issue of Driven hits the diskbox. Featured articles include an interview with Macbeth/PSW regarding his role on the C64DTV team; a belated but important retrospective on the Chicago Expo 2004; a look at the decline and renewal of the BBS scene; an expose on the PSXJoy project by its inventor; numerous backlogged demo reviews; and other random thoughts from the scene.

In celebration of this release, you can now obtain the complete 'masters collection' of every previous regular issue including all special issues, charts editions, and rare voter systems. Some of these have never before been available online in complete working form - they can be yours today for the price of a 1600K download on two D81 images (D64 and cassette tape not yet available).

Selected article reprints from #30 will appear on the site within 2-3 days - in the meantime, enjoy the new edition!

download... | Collection Disk 1 | Collection Disk 2 | Apr 29, 2005

Telnet BBS Server v1.2/Leif Bloomquist

Leif Bloomquist announced the new version of his Win32 program that provides Serial<->TCP/IP Telnet bridging. This release adds an option to enable hardware flow control for higher baud rates and Turbo232/Switflink, improved Hayes emulation, redesigned GUI, phone book, and more.

Telnet BBS download | Apr 25, 2005

SWRAP 2005 Date Set: September 16-18

The phenomenal SWRAP Chicago Expo finalized their 2005 date to the weekend of September 17th, with expanded events covering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. At a measly $15 admission and convenient airfare, you had better get yarselves there!

SWRAP Expo homepage | Apr 21, 2005

Carcass and Epilogue Update

In an intriguing cooperative arrangement, Deathy/Epilogue has joined Carcass and will release his future C64-related work under that label. In the other direction, Necro/Carcass has joined Epilogue and will release his PC-related projects for that group. Confused? Carcass equals C64; Epilogue equals PC, got it?

Apr 18, 2005

Undead Again/Carcass

Carcass makes fact out of the rumor and releases the first NTSC demo of 2005, a full diskside from their sole (dis)member, Necro, which features a variety of video animations that are better seen than described - check it out now!

download... | Apr 12, 2005

Scene World #14

The fourteenth issue of the NTSC/PAL c64 scene diskmag has been released. Also marking the 4th birthday of Scene World, this issue contains over 1400 blocks of text and sports a new magsys fixed for IDE64 with graphics in text as well as Swedish/Danish/German/Hungarian/Polish letters.

download... | Scene World homepage | Apr 01, 2005

Wixbouncer v1.1/Style

Style released v1.1 of the PC version of their sinusoidal waveform generation tool, featuring DASM output format, delta sinus, less CPU usage, and several minor bug fixes.

download... | Apr 01, 2005

Trailer Park Demos At Work On Pilgrimage Invite

Trailer Park Demos is currently working on the invitation demo for Pilgrimage 2005. Although originally targetted for release at BP'05, they expect to finish the production in another month or two, so keep your eyes open!

Apr 01, 2005

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