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boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Release List: 2008 / 2007

 4/01: 2^8 / Style
 3/29: Stacker / Retro64
 3/17: Lilith / Style
 3/17: Happy Birthday Moloch / Secret
 2/29: DirMaster v2.0 / Style
 2/08: KrionyX Thawed / KrionyX
 1/31: Twist Of / Style
 1/24: Happy New Year 2008 / PSW
 1/12: Artillery Duel Network v1.0 / Schema
    -- [2007] --
12/31: Silver / Style
11/16: W.O.C. 2007 Invite / Necro

 3/19: GinVision invite / NDivia
 1/09: clockwerck / ND + xplsv
 1/09: SESSiON ONE / bawlz
    -- [2007] --
12/29: Blockparty 2008 Invite / TPD
 8/08: Psychedelia / Northern Dragons
 8/03: Step back / Northern Dragons
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Demos
  1st: trace-symbol / Northern Dragons
  2nd: 4kmdr / xplsv
  3rd: µkandy / Trailer Park Demos
  4th: ccc / mERICAN mORANS
  5th: Magic Blocks / Lumental
  6th: Blockparty 2k7 Partytro / GL.Fusion
  7th: My First Demo / Froggy
  8th: CHASSIS / Criticalartware
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Wild Demos
  1st: Ti-85 Megademo / GL.Fusion
  3rd: Zik Tape / Northern Dragons
  5th: GmDlsTool / xplsv
 3/19: Blockparty / Northern Dragons
 1/07: Signal to Droids / ND

- 2004 -

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Back In Time

Grand Posse
by Plague
A less-spread C64 megademo released on May 1, 1991. Contains a number of classic Amiga-inspired effects with a fresh graphics style.

download... | more...

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Back In Time:


Style released a new NTSC demo, applauding 25 years of the c64 and paying tribute to a legend, no longer living. Features artwork by new member, Saehn, and an homage to a classic Commodore advertisement from the early 80's Grab it now!

download... | Style homepage | Dec 31, 2007

Blockparty 2008 Invitation/TPD

Trailer Park Demos released the invite for Blockparty '08 at the Ultimate Meeting '07 held in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Germany. The demo took 6th place out of 12 entries and also resulted in a lot of positive reaction around the scene. Blockparty '08 is being held in Cleveland, Ohio and once again combining forces with the existing Notacon hacker conference (an event which "explores and showcases technologies, philosophy and creativity"). Download the invite and make some plan to get yourself to Blockparty, the only modern demoscene event in North America!

download... | Blockparty homepage | Trailer Park Demos homepage | Dec 29, 2007

ECCC in Chicago

In light of the beloved SWRAP expo taking a break, old scener Diskmaster/FTA took it upon himself to organize and fund the Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention. At first thought to be a smaller gathering of diehards, the event ended up as big as fall expos of the past, attracting previous as well as brand new attendees. All in all, quite a success with a variety of interesting and freakish software/hardware projects on display.

Sep 30, 2006

k_tr4kt/Northern Dragons

Northern Dragons once again participated across the ocean at Assembly 2006, earning 5th place out of eight entries in the 4k demo competition for their entry called k_tr4kt, displaying another rather psychedelic visual effects combination...

download... | Northern Dragons homepage | Aug 05, 2006

DirMaster v1.0/Style (Win32)

Style releases another CBM disk image tool, this one featuring full d64/d71/d81 support, multiple images open at once, real drag and drop between images to copy and move files, and so on. This tool was shown around the C=4 Expo a little and is now generally available. All coding accomplished by old skool legend, The Wiz/Style

download... | Style homepage | Jun 03, 2006

C=4 Explosion

A new entrant to the expo scene started this past weekend in Cincinatti, as the CCCC user group held their first event. Having attracted the usual eclectic mix of elite hardware hackers (Jeri and Jim Brain), old skool scene freaks (Pegasus/RPG, Six/Style, Elwix/Style, Scheme/AIC), and the even older skool Jim Butterfield, the event can claim itself a success.

C4 Expo homepage | Jun 03, 2006

Phantazm/The Phantom

The second NTSC demo in as many months is brought to you by The Phantom. A multiparter with some of the best logo graphics seen in recent NTSC demos, as well as some of the better routines. This sets the bar at a nice level for the rest of 2006, something to aim for and an enjoyable view in itself.

download... | Feb 01, 2006

S1GN4l.2.N01Z3E/ND - 2nd in TMDC 2005

Extending their overall competition success, Northern Dragons seized 2nd place in the Textmode Demo Competition, a yearly event that has seen regular contributions from a number of North American PC demo groups. Small animals, psychedelic backgrounds and a strong soundtrack combined to please the judges and secure the second spot.

download... | Northern Dragons homepage | Jan 15, 2006

Textel/TPD - 4th in TMDC 2005

A perennial entrant in the annual TMDC compo, Trailer Park Demos represented again in 2005. Coming off their victory last year, 4th place may seem like a disappointment; however their short demo, Textel, is well worth your time spent viewing it.

download... | Jan 15, 2006

Drift/AnthillUnlimited - 6th in TMDC 2005

A new North American PC group debuted in the TMDC 2005 as well... a solo effort by Roland Trainor, they captured 6th place with a textmode raytracing entry, Drift. Note that following the results, Trailer Park Demos wisely snapped up the newcomer making him their latest member.

download... | Jan 15, 2006

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