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boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Release List: 2008 / 2007

 4/01: 2^8 / Style
 3/29: Stacker / Retro64
 3/17: Lilith / Style
 3/17: Happy Birthday Moloch / Secret
 2/29: DirMaster v2.0 / Style
 2/08: KrionyX Thawed / KrionyX
 1/31: Twist Of / Style
 1/24: Happy New Year 2008 / PSW
 1/12: Artillery Duel Network v1.0 / Schema
    -- [2007] --
12/31: Silver / Style
11/16: W.O.C. 2007 Invite / Necro

 3/19: GinVision invite / NDivia
 1/09: clockwerck / ND + xplsv
 1/09: SESSiON ONE / bawlz
    -- [2007] --
12/29: Blockparty 2008 Invite / TPD
 8/08: Psychedelia / Northern Dragons
 8/03: Step back / Northern Dragons
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Demos
  1st: trace-symbol / Northern Dragons
  2nd: 4kmdr / xplsv
  3rd: µkandy / Trailer Park Demos
  4th: ccc / mERICAN mORANS
  5th: Magic Blocks / Lumental
  6th: Blockparty 2k7 Partytro / GL.Fusion
  7th: My First Demo / Froggy
  8th: CHASSIS / Criticalartware
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Wild Demos
  1st: Ti-85 Megademo / GL.Fusion
  3rd: Zik Tape / Northern Dragons
  5th: GmDlsTool / xplsv
 3/19: Blockparty / Northern Dragons
 1/07: Signal to Droids / ND

- 2004 -

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Back In Time

Grand Posse
by Plague
A less-spread C64 megademo released on May 1, 1991. Contains a number of classic Amiga-inspired effects with a fresh graphics style.

download... | more...

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Back In Time:

Trailer Park Demos wins TMDC 2004

Trailer Park Demos, a group formed in 2004 and who competed at Pilgrimage the same year, took first place in the seventh annual Text Mode Demo Competition with their entry called Rivulet. This demo, like all from the TMDC, runs in 'oldskool' 80x50 ascii mode.

more... | download... | TMDC homepage | Jan 17, 2005

Retro64 Update

Retro64 announced that Moloch has dual-grouped with them and Lacey is moved to inactive status. Their next demo effort should be Crazed 2, a sequel demo that could also include a part from Local H.

Retro64 homepage | Jan 14, 2005

Les Fleurs/The Order of K

Les Fleurs, the winning demo from last year's North American PC demo party, Pilgrimage 2004, has been released in it's party version (non-final, and not working on ATI cards). Regardless, it's the first chance to view the stunning first placer since Pilgrimage itself.

download... | Jan 07, 2005

Telnet BBS Server v1.1/Leif Bloomquist

Leif Bloomquist (aka Schema/AIC) announced the new version of his Win32 program that provides Serial<->TCP/IP Telnet bridging. With it, you can set up a Commodore BBS and have people telnet into it, or use your Commodore as a telnet client for calling BBSes or other telnet servers.

download... | Jan 03, 2005

Slang (beta) v1.9/Stephen Judd

Stephen Judd has released the first public beta of Slang, a new Commodore 64/6502 programming language which runs on SuperCPU-equipped systems, and generates code which runs on a stock c64.

download... | Slang homepage | Jan 03, 2005

Xmas Music Disk 2004/Northern Dragons

Creating their own tradition, Canadian-based super group Northern Dragons released a music disk featuring an animated 3d player interface and, of course, Christmas themed music. This follows the trend they began with their Christmas Greeting '03 demo last year...

download... | Northern Dragons homepage | Dec 21, 2004

Geotrope Trailer/CWI

Cameron Kaiser released a trailer (a non-playable preview, essentially a demo by any standard) for a game being released under his own Computer Workshops Inc label. Called Geotrope, the game is due out in fall, 2005.

Geotrope Trailer | Dec 11, 2004

Sinister Concepts (re)Born

Sinister, a group active in the early 90's, has reformed under a new label: Sinister Concepts. Under the leadership of it's original founder, Moloch, it's membership also includes former member Carcass and new member Fungus. They also announced the upcoming release of Crimson Twilight, a game.

Sinister Concepts homepage | Dec 10, 2004

Turbo Macro Pro+DTV v1.0/Style

Style released the first tool for the C64DTV, a version of their Turbo Assembler mod series that uses the DTV's extra memory.

Update: v1.0a has been released.

download... | Style homepage | Dec 05, 2004

C64DTV Released

The Commodore 64 30-in-1 (affectionately known as C64DTV by sceners) went on sale through QVC at midnight, the morning after Thanksgiving, racking up sales of over 38,000 on day one. Great information on hacking the system and coding for the extended capabilities (256 color palette, 64k extra memory, linear bitmap modes, etc) can be found at Also visit #DTV on EFNet. | Nov 26, 2004

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