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boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Driven Backissues

Driven #29 (October 22, 1998)
Contents: Is the Scene Getting Too Lazy by Jazzcat/Onslaught; Interview - Macbeth/PSW; Abduction '98 Party Report by Agemixer/Scallop; Assembly '98 Party Report by Abaddon/Damage; Wheels 64 Review by Todd S. Elliot; C64 - Looking for C64 and the Web (Go64! Internet Contest); Demo Review - Wicked/FOE (4 parts); Making Stuff Move on the C64 by Groepaz/Hitmen
Logo: Wile Coyote/WOW Music: Zyron/F4CG/Oxsid/Nostalgia

Driven #28 (July 21, 1998)
Contents: The "New" Demoscene Grows Again: An Interview With Fuzz/PSW/Retro64; Interview With Threshold: A PAL Group Goes NTSC; A Tale of Two Demos by Count Zero/SCS*TRC/CPX; Party Report: YALP'98 by NuCleus/Tempest/WoW/Shape; Party Report: Rush Hours'98 by Bimber/Arise and Wacek/Arise; About Commodore Gazette by Chris Ryan (Editor/Publisher); The Demo Scene Under Siege (Elwix); Demo Reviews: Tribute/Millenium, Olde 2/Moloch, Easter/TheFatman, Aftershock/Arcane, Crazed Triop/Moloch and Local-H and Fuzz/PSW; Wasted by The Wiz/Style; Hostility vs. Friendship by Taper/Triad
Logo: TheEnemy/Threshold Music: Solknight/Threshold

Driven #27 (May 12, 1998)
Contents: Interview: TheFatman/PSW; NTSC 4k Compo III Information; Mekka-Symposium 98 Pary Report by DeeKay/Crest; Party Report: Astrosym '97 by El Banditos/SCS+TRC; The View From CMD by Doug Cotton; WWW Review: Bonzai by Marc-Jano Knopp; Demo Reviews: A Lil' Bit O' Carcass/Carcass, Drummer Boy/TFM, Jingle Hells/Carcass, 12th Day/PSW, Olde 1/Moloch; About Blahtune by Stephen Judd and da Blondie; My C64 Thoughts by The Phantom/FOE
Logo: T.M.R/Cosine/Carcass Music: Danko/Censor

Driven 4k-II Compo Special (April 16, 1998)
Contents: Prologue; Compo Entry Reviews; Judges Comments/Results; Epilogue and Invitation
Logo: TheEnemy/Threshold Music: CMD/Dmagic

Driven #26 (February 19, 1998)
Contents: Guest Editorial - Coolhand; 1997 - The Scene in Review by Elwix; NTSC Scene: View on '97 and '98 by Local-H/BCI, Natas/Carcass, Roy Batty/Millenium, Macbeth/PSW, Uzzy/RPG, Cybernoid/Storm, Hobbit/Venom; The Reviewers Look at 1997 by Cybernoid and Dokken; The PAL Demoscene in Review by T.M.R/Cosine, Dr. Soft/Albion, Lion/Chromance. and Greatrix; The Party 97 - Batteries Not Included by Jan Lund Thomsen (QED); Wheels - The Road to a New GEOS by Jon Mines and Maurice Randall; PPP on the C64? by Macbeth/PSW; Demo Reviews: Brainquake/Millenium, Halloween/TFM; Waveform: A Final Tribute to a Dear Friend by Sherry Freedlander
Logo: Carcass Music: GRG & KR/Shape/Blues Muz

Driven #25 (December 31, 1997)
Contents: NTSC 4k Compo II - Update; Saga - The End; The History of Anarchy by Brozzo/Anarchy, Grubby/Anarchy, and Uzzy/RPG; PAL Legal Release List; Maintaining the Legacy by T.M.R/Carcass/Cosine; C-Net 128 Press Release by Colorado Commodore Computer Club; Modplay 64/128 Released as Freeware by NateDAC; A C64 PPP Project by Whammo (Kevin Reno); Reviews: NTSC Co-op Demo; Making Music With JCH by Necrophobic/Carcass; More on The Fridge by Steve Judd
Logo: Ranz/Megaunit Music: Necrophobic/Carcass

Driven #24 (October 23, 1997)
Contents: Guest Editorial: On Newcommers by Dokken/Electron; NTSC 4k Compo II by Elwix; The Saga "Saga" by Elwix/Coolhand; Phantasm & Fantasy by Todd Elliot; SLIP-Based TCP/IP Socket for C64 by Daniel Dalman (Poldi); Demolysis: Cool World/Stephen Judd, Life Sucks/BCI, The Misadventures of The Fatman - Part 2/TCD; Demo Toolz Site Announcement by Phred/BCI
Logo: Wile Coyote/WoW/Entropy Music: Guy Shavitt/SCS

Driven #23 (Sept. 11, 1997)
Contents: NTSC 4k Compo II; Interview: Uzzy/RPG; Interview: Hobbit/Venom; Assembly '97 - PC Nerds' Summer Camp by Electric/Extend; C64 Scene In Latvia by Raver/Phantasy/Abeyance; Nether Update by Cameron Kaiser On The Shoulders Of Giants... The Fridge by Stephen Judd; Demo Reviews: Bound For The Floor/Local-H, The Misadventures Of The Fatman, Eclipse/RPG, Graphical Ignorans/RPG, Gravediggers/Venom; Archiving C64 Music: The High Voltage SID Collection by The Shark
Logo: T.M.R/Cosine Music: Odie/Cosine

Driven Waveform Tribute (August 28, 1997)
The News of John's Death
From His Group
From His Friends
More From His Friends
A Final Farewell
Logo: Roy Batty/MLM Music: Roy Batty/MLM

Driven #22 (May 8, 1997)
Contents: NTSC 4k Compo II (aka Virtual'97); Interview: Suraklin/MLM; Party Invite: NTSC=; NTSC and PAL Legal Release Lists; X'97 Takeover - The Organizers Speak by Burglar/Success*TRC; Hack n' Trade by Goto80/HT; Arkanix Labs - A New C64 Market Direction; Commie on the Internet? by Perry Eidelbus; WWW Review: Fairlight Homepage by Marc-Jano Knopp; Demo Reviews: Hear Those Brain Cells Pop/Local_H, Nightmare/MLM; What's To Do With a Computer by Light/Omni; Theme Based Demo Design by Roy Batty/MLM
Logo: RRR/Oxyron Music: CreaMD/Studio Style

Driven #21 (April 10, 1997)
Contents: Interview: Fungus/Carcass; Dark Times Ahead - X97 Impression by The Dark Judge/Focus; Interview: Morbid/Onslaught/Bass by Jazzcat; The UK Demo Scene by T.M.R/Cosine; One Stop Commodore Surfing by Sherry Freedline; Review: Resource Homepage by Christian Janoff; Demo Reviews: Test Pattern/PSW, Tears'97/MLM; Programming For The User And Not For Your Own Comfort by Tao/Triad; The Wild, Wild World of C64 Emulator File Transferring by TSR
Logo: Celtic/NoName Music: Morbid/Onslaught/Bass

Driven #20 (March 20, 1997)
Contents: Survey of PAL Diskmagazines by Elwix; The Turkish C64 Scene by Mr.Brain/Onslaught; The Croatian C64 Scene by Terminal Storm/Pulse; The Commodore Ring: Linking the C64 Sites on the Net by Colin Guillas; WWW Review: Style Homepage by Marc-Jano Knopp; Demo Reviews: Toasted Braincells/MLM, Satan Claws/Carcass, Snowflake/Style, Spin/PSW, Apathy/Suraklin, Texas/TFM; Thoughts On Demo Design by Coolhand; C64 Gfx Development on the PC by Carcass/Carcass
Logo: The Phantom/FOE Music: Roy Batty/MLM

Driven #19 (January 18, 1997)
Contents: NTSC Co-op Demo Info; 1996 Release Review; Reflections on the "New" Demo Scene by Natas/Carcass; 1996: Voices from the Demo Audience (S.Freedline, Rabid Child, Todd Elliot); The 1996 PAL Demoscene (T.M.R/Cosine, Lion/ and Edhellon/Resource [Hungary] CreaMD/Studio Style [Slovakia and Czech Republic], Dr. Soft/Albion (Poland)]; The Super CPU with CBase by Rug Rat; Standout Demos of 1996 by the Driven Review Staff (Coolhand, Cybernoid, Dokken); Demo Reviews: Tidal Forces/Omni, CAT'97/FOE, 7 Years/FOE; NTSC Demo Groups Speak: FOE. Omni, Millenium, Carcass. Storm, RPG, Venom, PSW; The Web: An Explosion for the C64 Demo Scene by Coolhand
Logo: Cheat/Psychic Music: Brizz/Panic/Soulcore

Driven #18 (November 14, 1996)
Contents: Interview: Wanderer; The Italian Scene: Then, Now, and... by Playboy/F4CG; Scene Report: Hungary by Hodory/Therapy; Demo Reviews: Carnivorous/Carcass, Not Dead/Zone 2, Treatz/Zone 2, Victims/Suraklin; VIC Kicks by Tao; Discovering the World of Cross-Assembling by Light/Omni; A Survey of C64 Music Editors by Deathlok/Style; Downloading C64 Files From the Net by Coolhand; WWW C64 Page Reviews: Alphaflight 1970 Homepage by Marc-Jano Knopp, Forces of Evil Homepage by Christian Janoff
Logo: Zeldin/Cascade Music: Ray/Cascade

Driven #17 (October 13, 1996)
Contents: Millenium Debut by Waveform/Millenim; Assembly '96 Report by TBB/Side B/Extend; Denmark is Going Down EJECT EJECT EJECT! by Iceball; The Australian Scene at a Glance by Vengeance/Onslaught; Australian Commercial Game Labels by Jazzcat/Onslaught; Demo Reviews: Eternal/Electron, New Millennium/Millenium, Alive/Storm, Inferior/Zone 2, Etch A/Style, Strive/Zone 2; The Wild, Wild World of C64 Emulation by TSR; Telnetting to a Commodore - Another Avenue for the C64 BBS Community by Bo Zimmerman
Logo: Wile Coyote/Angry/WOW Music: Phreakis/Coma

Driven #16 (September 5, 1996)
Contents: Interview:From the Ashes (FTA) with Diskmaster and Burning Horizon; Interview: Sliver/Triad; Flag '96 Party Report by Lion/Chromance; A Look at Computer Workshops by Cameron Kaiser; Demo Reviews: Drip DLoC, Sunset Trails/RPG, Wevealed/PSW, First/Omni; Tears '95 - Long Live the "New Elite" by Roy Batty; What's Left for the C64 Demo Coder by T.M.R/Cosine; ACE OS V15 - A Users Perspective by Mitron (Michael Bendure)
Logo: Wile Coyote/Angry/Equinoxe Music: Cyke/Megaunit

Driven Special - 4k Compo Edition (August 12, 1996)
Contents: The 4k NTSC Demo Compo - evaluator comments (5) and reviews of the entries (17)
Logo: Uzzy/RPG Music: Pegasus/RPG

Driven #15 (July 22, 1996)
Contents: The 4k NTSC Demo Compo - Results and Brief Overview by coolhand; The Beginning of the NTSC Demo Scene - A Brief History by The Hobbit/Venom; A Look At DisC=overy - The Journal of the Commodore Enthusiast; Interview - Graham/Oxyron; Serial Communications and the C64 (A Look At Swiftlink) by Perry Eidelbus; Demo Reviews: MXR/Millenium, Krestology/Crest; Quality - Something Important or Just an Empty Word? by Tao/Triad.
Logo: Ranz/Megaunit Music: CreaMD/Studio Style

Driven #14 (June 5, 1996)
Contents: LUCKY by Legacy (James Walters); The C64 Scene in Transition: an Interview with CBA/TRC*SCS; The C64 in Greece: Another Flame Re-kindles... by Sakis Tasopoulos and George Christodovlov; A Modplayer for the C128 by Nate Dannenberf/Digital Concepts, Limited; World Premiere of CMD's Super64CPU by Guenther Bauer; Demo Reviews: Homeport/Roy Batty, Fire/Art Projects, NOFX/Chalice; How an Artist Can Learn to Code by Pinball Wizard/Omni; A View of the Demo Scene by Mr. Sex/Byterapers Inc.; The Scene Eats Itself or When One Enters the Scene in the 90s by Tonuwa Wotnau/Studio Style; Digital Music (Pt 1) by Tron (Nate Dannenberg); The C64 and the World of Internet by Coolhand (reprinted with permission of the The Commodore 64/128 Roundtable on GEnie)
Logo: RRR/Oxyron Music: Orcan/React

Driven #13 (May 8, 1996)
Contents: Comback Mania by Elwix; Interview: Wrongway/FOE; Scenest Party Report by Lion/Resource/Chromance; A Rough History of the Australian Demo Scene by Stomper/BK/Tide; Review of the 1541-DOS Package by Bonestripper/Omni Reviews: Redrum/FOE, Temple of Boom/Style, Subliminal/RPG, C.A.T./FOE, Dreamland/Omni; Two Different Frog-Ponds, One Machine by Tao/Triad; Using IRC - A More Detailed Look by Tron; A Look in the Crystal Ball: About the Future and the Past! by Iceball/Motiv 8
Logo: Wile Coyote/Angry Music: Zyron/F4CG

Driven #12 (March 6, 1996)
Contents: Interviews with The Phantom/FOE and Zyron/F4CG; BBS Networking by Mitron; Growth on the C64 Scene by Tao/Triad; C64 and the WWW by coolhand; info on the 4k demo contest, a PAL mega-demo co-op for X96, and the weekly NTSC Demo Conference on IRC; Demo Reviews: Digital Magic/FOE; Vision/Omni; Bonestripper's Return/Revenge; S.E.T./FOE; Polygonamy/Stephen Judd
Logo: Therion/F4CG Music: Pegasus/RPG

Driven #11 (January 21, 1996)
Contents: The Party '95 Report by Count Zero/TRC*SCS; Polish Scene by Maja/F4CG; P.U.K.E Party Report by Harti/Vermes; Cyberpunk by King Fisher/Triad; Super CPU 64 by Charles Christianson; 1995 NTSC Demo Scene in Review; Mathematica and other PAL Demo Reviews by TDJ/Focus and Count Zero/TRC*SCS
Logo: Deathlok/Style Music: Orcan/React

Driven #10 (November 11, 1995)
Contents: Making of "Shock" by Light/Omni; Demo Scene in Finland by Deadbeat/The Sharks; A Look at PC64 by Iceball; C64 at Christmas by Scatt; Pessimists by Pegasus/RPG; Portrait of Indifference by XmikeX; Demo Reviews: Shock/Omni; Gfx Zone/XmikeX; Vengence/FOE; Extremes/Byterapers; and others
Logo: RRR/Oxyron Music: CMD/Studio Style

Driven #9 (September 9, 1995)
Contents: Interview: Cyborg, sysop of Dream Park; New Zealand Scene by The Hegg/Bad Karma; 64NET by Paul Gardner-Steven; A Look at GENIE by Eddie Bourdon; Gatekeeper by Elwix; USENET by Jim Brain; Demo Reviews: Effects Unlimited/Light, Tears '95/Roy Batty, Insense/Time,Virtuafitti/Pegasus, Coming Soon/Longshot
Logo: Andreas/Shape Music: Pegasus/RPG

Driven #8 (June 12, 1995)
Contents: A Look at Compuserve by John Iannetta; Interview: Cybernoid/Storm; Western Australian Scene by Style/Chrome; NTSC/PAL Interchange Standard by Style/Chrome; C64 Emulators and the c64 - A Place for Both? by coolhand; c64 Emulator Reviews by Negspect/Storm/Demonix; Lynx and the C64 by Outasync; Demo Reviews: No Second Page/Chill, Gold/Style, Radio Napalm/Reflex
Logo: Alter Ego/Style Music: Decoder/F4CG

Driven Special Edition (July 1, 1995)
Contents: Scope Memorial intro; Until Death Do Us Part by coolhand; Letter from Motley/F4CG; Letter from Solar/F4CG
Logo: Motley/F4CG (from Scope's art) Music: Decoder/F4CG

Driven #7 (April 8, 1995)
Contents: A Look at Loadstar by Skyclad; Interview: RugRat, sysop of Edge if Midnight; Toward Unity - and a Smaller World by coolhand; Defending the Scrollys of the 90's by Ram Junky/Atlantyss; Humor by XmikeX; Continuing the Tradition (Programming the C64) by coolhand; Information About the C64 - Where in the World by coolhand; Demo Reviews: Morbid/FOE, Canadian Bacon/Storm, Waveness 2/Waveform
Logo: Alter Ego/Style Music: Roman (Studio Style)

Driven #6 (February 6, 1995)
Contents: 1994 in Review by Elwix; Demos as an Artform by Yurik/TEG; Sharing and Cooperation - the C64 Scene of the Future by coolhand; The Commodore NTSC Scene to a Newcomer by Pinball Wizard/[DIG]; Gopher - Expanding Our Knowledge Base; Demo Reviews: Merry Christmas/RPG, Guilty/Arcane, Martyr/Time
Logo: Chronic Leech + Grafix Music: Pegasus

Driven #5 (December 18, 1994)
Contents: A Look at CMD by Skyclad and Doug Cotton; Interview: Alchemist, sysop of The Dungeon; Coming Home (to our First Computer Love) by coolhand; Evolutionary Faux-Pas: Scrolly Text in 1994 by XmikeX; An Introduction to the Internet edited by coolhand; Update on UUencoding by coolhand; Demo Reviews: Rebirth/Paladin, Samhain/Mystique, Decay/Carcass, Alive'94/FOE
Logo: Thor/Carcass Music: Replay/Carcass

Driven #4 (November 4, 1994)
Contents: A Look at Threshold Productions by Skyclad; Interview: Deathangel's Shadow; Alan Group and the Russian C64 Scene by A.S./Alan Group; Art Contest/Threshold Productions; Focus on RPG: Group History, Interview with Wraith and Fubar; Beginner's Guide to IRC - Part 3 by coolhand; Demo Reviews: Pearl/Storm+Demonix, Memberdrive/FOE, Plasma/TP+WW
Logo: Uzzy/RPG Music: Mr Bungle/RPG

Driven #3 (October 5, 1994)
Contents: The 'Maga-Scene' by Skyclad; Stallion Software 4k Coding Contest; Focus on Electron: group history, interview with Dokken, review of Adios/Electron; Demo Reviews: Grounds for Insanity/FOE, Greener Pastures/Style; UUencode/UUdecode by coolhand; Best FTP sites
Logo: Deathlok/Style/DNA Music: Megmyx/Storm

Driven #2 (September 3, 1994)
Contents:: Reviews and Charts - Encouragement for Excellence by coolhand; 1993 Release List by Skyclad and Elwix; Interview with Replay/Carcass; Demo Review: M.A.D. - The Return/Warped
Logo: Deathlok/Style/DNA Music: Megmyx/Storm

Driven #1 (August 13, 1994)
Contents: Beginner's Guide to IRC - Parts 1 & 2 by coolhand; Interview: Stablizer/Longshot; Demo Reviews: Waveness #1/Waveform, Juggler Madness/DW
Logo: Deathlok/Style/DNA Music: Megmyx/Storm