Chatter Box

boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Miscellaneous Scenery

Help Wanted

The Driven website needs help. You've probably already surmised this, judging on your own that both the design and content could be vastly improved... We agree, and offer you the chance to make your North American demoscene site ideas a reality. We need the following to make the Driven website as good as it can be:

  1. One or two PHP coders, for either writing new support scripts or adapting others.
  2. A graphics artist, for overall enhancement of the site's visual design.
  3. A knowledgable HTML/CSS guru who enjoys sifting out strange browser oddities and fixing render flaws.
  4. Any number of serious article writers, for developing content in the following possible areas, or others that may present themselves:
    1. Demo reviews (both C64 and PC)
    2. Web site reviews (sites attending to both C64 and PC scenes)
    3. Game reviews (homebrew or small indie/scener produced only!)
    4. News reporters, especially needed is an indivudual priding themselves of knowing and collecting ALL (North American) releases (legal only, on both C64 and PC)
    5. Link maintainers (on both - ah, you get the picture...)
  5. Any number of packrat C64 freaks willing to contribute to the NTSC Scene Archive project.

Not necessarily all of the above are areas the website will involve itself with; as well there could be other areas not listed. As the diskmagazine itself, the site's only goal is to justify itself as an effort by the scene, and for the scene. So for the largest part, the scene will shape the content... or specifically, the sceners out there that want to lend a hand...

If interested in the above (even if it appears the need has been met), or in helping with any other ideas you feel would grow and support the North American demoscene on C64, PC, or any other platforms - contact us!

Do you want to help?