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boardrider: Have a Nice :cbm: day

Moloch: Another week, another two releases... yep, rular.

Fuzz: You don't want to know. :)

Moloch: Six NTSC releases in three months ... what's in the water?!

boardrider: I turned 35 on July 22nd!

Moloch: *plop*

Moloch: ...

Fuzz: There there..

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Release List: 2008 / 2007

 4/01: 2^8 / Style
 3/29: Stacker / Retro64
 3/17: Lilith / Style
 3/17: Happy Birthday Moloch / Secret
 2/29: DirMaster v2.0 / Style
 2/08: KrionyX Thawed / KrionyX
 1/31: Twist Of / Style
 1/24: Happy New Year 2008 / PSW
 1/12: Artillery Duel Network v1.0 / Schema
    -- [2007] --
12/31: Silver / Style
11/16: W.O.C. 2007 Invite / Necro

 3/19: GinVision invite / NDivia
 1/09: clockwerck / ND + xplsv
 1/09: SESSiON ONE / bawlz
    -- [2007] --
12/29: Blockparty 2008 Invite / TPD
 8/08: Psychedelia / Northern Dragons
 8/03: Step back / Northern Dragons
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Demos
  1st: trace-symbol / Northern Dragons
  2nd: 4kmdr / xplsv
  3rd: µkandy / Trailer Park Demos
  4th: ccc / mERICAN mORANS
  5th: Magic Blocks / Lumental
  6th: Blockparty 2k7 Partytro / GL.Fusion
  7th: My First Demo / Froggy
  8th: CHASSIS / Criticalartware
 4/29: Blockparty '07 Wild Demos
  1st: Ti-85 Megademo / GL.Fusion
  3rd: Zik Tape / Northern Dragons
  5th: GmDlsTool / xplsv
 3/19: Blockparty / Northern Dragons
 1/07: Signal to Droids / ND

- 2004 -

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Back In Time

Grand Posse
by Plague
A less-spread C64 megademo released on May 1, 1991. Contains a number of classic Amiga-inspired effects with a fresh graphics style.

download... | more...

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Back In Time:

Bawlz + Northern Dragons - 1st at Blockparty 2008

Bawlz + Northern Dragons took 1st place at Blockparty 2008 with an invitation demo announcing the return of TMDC (Text Mode Demo Competition) but now under the ND banner - the winning demo was produced entirely by BarZoule. A three way co-op of Trailer Park Demos, Dolphin (a new group in North America), and Brainstorm (European) came in 2nd with solo scener Madbrain in third. Jeri Ellsworth and Fat Man (no, not the old c64 scener) took 1st place in the wild compo with an FPGA-based demo. Voom/Style won the graphics compo, and coda won both music compos.

Blockparty 2008 Results | Blockparty 2008 Releases | Apr 07, 2008


Style has released what they claim is the world's first 256b gfx collection on c64, with eight load-and-run 256b gfx images, a 256b slideshower, and a 256b notefile. The collection features artwork by usual suspect, saehn/Style. Quotes Elwix/Style: 'Thank god for exomizer'. In other news, The Wiz/Style announced upcoming support for his new 256b disk image format (.d56) in the next version of DirMaster...

download... | Style homepage | Apr 01, 2008


Retro64 return with Stacker, a game based on a popular standup arcade. This release comes three years after their last one, which was also a game. A further note of interest, is their addition of a member Warlock - another new NTSCer which would make two for the scene already in the past two months!

download... | Retro64 homepage | Mar 29, 2008

GinVision invite/NDivia

Not apt to rest for too long and apparently full on impatience, a few members of Northern Dragons take it upon themselves to one up NVScene 08 organizers by releasing their own invitation demo. With April Fool's only a couple weeks away the timing may seem off, but this demo gives something to PC scene freaks who are having trouble waiting for 08's first PC scene event, Blockparty...

download... | Mar 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Moloch/Secret

The mysterious Acer/Secret, whose last release dates back to April 2000, betrays his evidently 'close' relationship to an old (figuratively, literally, you decide) legend of NTSC, Moloch, in this one pager birthday wish demo.

download... | Mar 17, 2008

Lilith by saehn/Style - 1st at Forever 2008

saehn/Style entered the graphics competition at the 8-bit demo party, Forever 2008, held in Slovakia from March 14th to 16th. His entry, titled 'Lilith', took first place edging out some other good entries in a field of eight.

download... | Style homepage | Mar 17, 2008

New US-based demo event: NVScene 2008

Corporate entity NVidia announced today their intention to hold a new demo event in San Jose, CA on the 25th of August. Buzz around the event suggests it's heavily influenced by European sceners, and indeed NVidia appears to be partnering with Breakpoint and while listing well known Euros such as Gargaj/Conspiracy among the apparent organizers. With the success of Blockparty last year, 2008 promises to be quite interesting for North American PC sceners given the option to attend one or the other (or both) events, with their starkly contrasting elements. Check out the NVScene site for more info!

NVision 2008 site | Feb 29, 2008

DirMaster v2.0/Style

Style releases a new version of their CBM disk image manipulation tool for Windows, DirMaster v2.0: new features include a plethora of additional supported formats, recursive find, batch processing, emulator invocation, archive extraction, and much more. All coding by The Wiz/Style, graphic/icon design by saehn/Style

download... | Style homepage | Feb 29, 2008

KrionyX Thawed/KrionyX

Whatever the end result, it has to be an applauded effort when a brand new NTSC scener steps out fearlessly to deliver their first C64 release. Such is the case for Darth Plagueis/KrionyX who puts forth an oldskool one-pager to announce his new group. We an only hope it isn't the last effort from him.

download... | Feb 08, 2008

Twist Of/Style

Style releases their latest demo, the first of 2008, called Twist Of. Combining an artistic interpretation by saehn/Style and a coding interpretation by Six/Style, the demo is capped off by numerous user interactive parameters: so watch the premade twist patterns, and then make your own!

download... | Style homepage | Jan 31, 2008

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